Sayadaw U Pannathami would like to express Annumodana thank you note to everyone who supported him during his surgery and illness. He had a successful surgery and he is recovering well.

Sadu, Sadu, Sadu.

Once a year - Kathina Robes Offering Ceremony 2011

The 10th Kathina Robes Offering will be celebrated on Sunday 16th Oct 2011. Kathina robes can be offered to the Sangha in a monastery only once in this specific month of the year. Enjoy this day with all activities in meritorious atmosphere.

We cordially invite each and everyone of our Dhamma friends to join this special day.

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About Panditarama Melbourne Meditation Centre (PMMC)

Panditarama Melbourne Meditation Centre (PMMC) was established in 2001 with the guidance of Sayadaw Ashin Pannathami (Panditarama Sydney Meditation Centre) to spread teachings of Lord Buddha and meditation - the methods of observation of body, sensation, mind and general objects like seeing, hearing, smelling and so on.

The purpose of the centre is about the need to practise, propagate the Dhamma (The teaching of the Buddha), perpetuate the Theravada Buddhism and provide the facilities for training and education in regard to Buddhism within the community in Australia. Read more »

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